Getting started on Cannoli

To get started on Cannoli...

  1. Login with your Figma account. You must have a Figma account to use Cannoli.

  2. Click "New Project from Figma File"

  3. Name your project and paste the url of your Figma file.

  4. Select your page and frame to start the conversion. Don't have a Cannoli-ready file? No problem, try our example here:

That's all there is to getting started on Cannoli. The hard part is preparing your Figma file. We have three helpful guides to help you prepare your Figma files for Cannoli, this is the important step:

pagePreparing your Figma file from scratchpagePreparing your Figma file for an image slice emailpageCreating an email system in Figma for CannolipageUsing Cannoli's email kit on FigmapageUsing Cannoli's plugin on Figma

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