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Every month we share with you Cannoli's most recent feature additions and changes. Want to request a feature? Write to us at [email protected]

November 2022

Visual editor (Cannoli App, new feature)
Add content to your email without having to go into the code. Edit links, images, social icons and text components. Get feedback on your URL, alt text and image src values.
visual editor
We will continue to improve this feature and add more editing capabilities in the next few months.
Timer component (Cannoli App, beta feature) Create a custom-made timer, including your fonts, brand colors and design and add it to your code. Request this feature at [email protected] for free for the duration of the beta period.
Timer component

October 2022

Help center (Cannoli App, new feature)
Access all of our resources from the new Help Center page.
Responsive columns (Plugin, new feature) We've brought back this highly requested feature. Toggle between responsive and non-responsive columns in each section.
plugin responsive columns
Visually hidden elements (Cannoli App, Figma, new feature)
Cannoli now identifies visually hidden layers on your frame and skips processing them, making your code output more accurate to the original Figma file.
visually hidden elements
Image alt text (Cannoli App, Figma, new feature)
Alt text for images is generated from the layer name in Figma, and it's no longer capitalized.
alt text from Figma layers to Cannoli code
  • Copy to clipboard feature on editor working stably.
  • Break lines from Figma files recognized again when processing a file.

September 2022

The beta period is over! Continue using Cannoli by subscribing to one of our plans, choose one here.
  • Team: for teams ready to leverage the collaborative workflow.
  • Pro: for the one-person marketing team.
  • Starter: for individual email creators.
Email editor
  • Click and scroll: clicking on an element in the preview will highlight the line of code corresponding to that element in the code editor, and the same happens when clicking on a line of code.
If the line of code is not in the visible part of the screen, it will automatically position itself with the scroll action.
Click and scroll

August 2022

  • New email layout builder: drag & drop components such as images, texts or buttons inside the columns of the email. Then style the output, change colors, fonts, add images, etc.
When you're done using the plugin, remember that you can add elements to your layout by wrapping and naming them with the mjml convention, more info here.
Plugin output

July 2022

Email editor
  • New color scheme and layout
  • Sidebar: from the sidebar, access user settings and help resources, log out or go back to the dashboard.


  • New look & feel
  • File refresh: refresh your Cannoli files directly from the plugin after doing any changes in Figma.
  • Preheader settings: add the preheader—the text preview for an email—directly from your Figma file through the plugin.
  • Select default team: select one of your Cannoli teams. If you need a new one you can create it directly in Cannoli.
  • Create new project: after selecting a team, you can create a new project and start syncing files into it.
  • Select default project: select a project in your Cannoli team and sync files directly to it.
MJML Support
  • Improved border support: add border values for each side.

June 2022

Email editor
  • Export email code to Klaviyo Link your Klaviyo account and send your templates directly to the Templates screen in Klaviyo
  • Send test emails


  • New colors and layout
  • Access the team, project and files settings through the page navbar
  • Move files between projects